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and he must be saying some genuinely nutty stuff and this morning on fox and friends that's exactly what trump was doing regard to our war in iraq trump said this program is going to take over iraq you know if that's going to happen we should just take you out so i say we take you out you don't be days when you want to look at our trip along to see what you can get we want to get over to people we don't even know and we leave the right because everything the sun touches on this world belongs to us if we just commit the right number of troops to die to acquire . stick to your present day job as a us president would be very very ugly. coming up on this the forty third anniversary of the it says nation of martin luther king jr what can we learn from his last speech that applies to what's going on across america today and the conservative war on unions.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realize everything you saw you don't think so far as we.
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go back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour tonight we remember the life of the reverend dr martin luther king jr forty three years after his assassination just how far have we come as a nation and what lessons we still have to learn loss as the minutes passed the crisis in japan worsens where seven tons of radioactive waste are leaking every hour into the pacific ocean and how it could affect us back your home and republicans prepare to try to cut the budget and guess who is opposed to their plans the tea party more on this since and still ahead.
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forty three years ago today bill what solves the voice of america's greatest civil rights leader and frankly one of our nation's greatest leaders period thankfully reverend dr martin luther king jr his message continued to live on as the march for social justice continued all across our nation but on this forty third anniversary of his death it's important to remember what dr king was doing on the day he died. he was standing up for the rights of workers to unionize the rights of sanitation workers in memphis and gone on strike take a look at what dr king himself had to say on the issue. you are going. to. the us you are reminding. not only of the risks. but you have reminded information of.
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the process. to the end this risk today from the start of the of. from brodrick so with a renewed effort to dismantle labor unions across the nation isn't king's message not just on race relations but labor relations as well all the more poignant. lamar waldron joins me now to speak on this issue is j.f.k. historian and co-wrote with me the book legacy of secrecy a long shadow of the j.f.k. assassination and our welcome. great to be with you thank you lamar good to have you here earlier on the show we touched on nullification it's a session new words in the right wing lexicon where your research turned up on that . well the bottom line is that the phony history of secession and the civil war was
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used back in the one nine hundred sixty s. to chin up a lot of hatred and money it was used against the civil rights movement in general and martin luther king in particular it's simply a well documented fact that before the shots were fired at fort sumter. the majority of white people in the south most of whom of course did not own slaves were against secession and in places like georgia where there was an actual vote and the people voted not to secede it's not happen they were florida style it was like florida two thousand they were florida style things where the the results were kept secret and then when they you know and they were close you know hundred margins but you know what all was said and done. the entices station vote actually one of but nobody found that out for a long time because the results were announced when they were in else it was an overwhelming victory supposedly for a century so i think that was repeated in
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a lot of states in the south you know for a fact it was repeated in georgia well documented by academic and story ins since the one nine hundred forty s. when they actually went back and looked at the newspapers and in the results at the time that the south and once the session but just like people in power with a lot of money can still award today i correct one into the same thing actually happened in the civil war and as i said for the hundredth anniversary in the one nine hundred sixty s. that was a major rallying cry when. a lot of conservative politicians in those days they were a democratic as well as republican and their big corporate backers ginned up this climate of hatred and fear directed at martin luther king and so we're right also you know it made them a lot of money it was also an anti union message the racist message and you know it's very tragic when you look at that climate of hatred and violence in the sixty's driven by money in politics you know it i see a lot of similarities to today should i ask lamar i mean in the one nine hundred
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sixty s. dr king in and many other african-american leaders there were there were very front and center and and the demand for civil rights you know from brown versus board of education all the way back to two arguably the wrong of plessy vs versus ferguson was was being spoken out loudly and in the sixty's we heard this rhetoric of secession now we have an african-american president all of a sudden the rhetoric of secession comes back it seems like that is not a coincidence and i think that that's what you're asserting i'm curious though and feel free to comment on that briefly but i want to get right into dr king who killed dr king who paid for it and why. suspension elitist because of you know that the secession talk today in texas is nothing but part of the republican distraction issue you know there are more fortune five hundred companies confused than in any city in america except for new york so texas is going to see
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that this is well before the presidential election this is when you threw me to your base you you gin up the contributions so texas is it going to seat but it's a great topic to get people talking and distracted from the other things that are going on and of course that's what was happening back in eighteen sixteen eighteen sixty one there were a lot of distractions so people wouldn't realize hey well most white people in the south really don't want to see it but as to who killed dr king. you know and you know i think it's very relevant you know in light of the king day bomb plot and stuff on. the arizona massacre you're arrested chin state surplus with acid obama is very relevant question cain was murder it was murder because of money in races you know fueled by the conservative politicians in their big corporate backers that same combination of today as for who exactly killed them because people don't realize that congressional committees millions of dollars a year is looking into that in the late seventy's it was headed by the pioneering
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black congressman lewis stokes and strokes me conclude it back in seventy nine that martin luther king was likely killed by a conspiracy and james earl ray acted for money now there's still some dispute are we ok you know was he a shooter was he is potter but whatever his role was you know he acted for money and so most people don't realize that you know official comments concluded king conspiracy you know ray acted for money and stokes in his you know million dollar misstatement they rule the common suspects in the f.b.i. both of which don't harbel things to kate and other civil rights leaders but most people don't realize the first person who bring the f.b.i. out is a suspect and keeps murder in the mainstream media which cheney stoner the incredible racist who was an attorney for james earl ray and so so much floats around today it was to bump three years ago by louis stoke city african-american and
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a member of congress. and you know it and those are city areas claiming to have high have rated visitors lawdy who paid for it and why well we you want a high followed up on stilts in spite instantly and we actually point it we found the evidence you have the solid evidence he gets for georgia white supremacists who raise the money actually put their pockets but they were telling people it was to. all came so eventually they had to make good on net is a very so much money for wanting results and they actually were not able to find a hitman on their own so they turned to the man who provided hit man and had always gotten away with murder mafia godfather carlos marcello and off you godfather of louisiana much of texas mississippi and marcello heard the hiring of a hitman to kill king oh there were others possibly involved too and we detail all of those it like to see but you know this is not an engine history the west person
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or those four white supremacist who could have been not just tried to convicted for killing king. guy just in january of two thousand and six in my zip code he does one month before i had finally tracked him down there's still one possibly two people today who could conceivably be prosecuted for king's murder if only the f.b.i. been asking so why isn't the f.b.i. looking into those. you know they open the what they call their so rights cold cases and the sad fact has you know there's never been a truly thorough fully informed unbiased u.s. government investigation kinks murder you know who are certainly was not i'm biased there was some information that we've since uncovered this would help from stokes committee and the f.b.i. withheld the very information about the rights of premises carlos marcello in case murder from from president johnson from president carter from president clinton and
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now it looks like they are withholding it from from obama or the sort of withholding from democratic presidents and i say well because there's usually only of a strong effort to find out who killed king under a democratic president i say so or by happen if it were a director mueller who was a bush appointee as i recall he's resigning what might this mean for obama we have just a minute left. well i think the bottom line is and if everybody can make their feelings known to president obama we need a new f.b.i. director it would be great if you could get an african-american to finally quit that racist past of you know forty years ago behind and they're actually unidentified fingerprints from the crime scene and raise rooming house that have never been run against the correct version of the national database and you know how much it's been accumulated since nine eleven and you know their fingerprints of some of those four white supremacists the most of those that you can suspect they're missing the f.b.i. says we can't find them well and f.b.i.
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director really wants to solve this case and he can find them or make somebody explain why they don't exist so there need leads yet to be explored a martin luther king's assassination we need a new f.b.i. director that's going to do that if you can be an african-american great if she can be a woman that's great if he or she could be as panicked that's great but let's break the old because i think most people in the f.b.i. . they want to do the right thing but they need that leadership at the talk that says if you will date for the past we're not going to withhold this anymore we're going to solve it kaymer lamar thank you very much for joining us. thank you job today all across the nation thousands of americans are honoring the legacy of their over dr marable the king jr by marching in solidarity with workers across america against the republicans who are on the working class the son of dr king martin luther king the third wrote a column for the f l c o this morning saying forty three years ago my father martin
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luther king jr was assassinated while he was in memphis tennessee supporting the strike of municipal sanitation workers he saw the strike as part of the great struggle of his time a struggle for democracy for truth for justice and for human dignity these are the same basic reasons my father would be joining with millions of other americans that day in supporting public employees in wisconsin indiana ohio and other states where collective bargaining is now under attack. let's honor dr king the right way this week and from now on show up and participate. age pan officials estimate that seven tons of radioactive waste is flowing into the ocean every hour at the crippled daiichi nuclear facility the source of the leaking waste appears to be reactor two attempts to clog the leak was cement have failed
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and new attempts to plug the hole with a junk shot of sawdust chemicals and shredded newspaper do appear to be working either visuals have now put a timeframe on containing the situation sandy could be several months before the plant's cooling systems to come back on line and for the radiation to be contained as that would just be the first step it will then take hundreds of thousands of years for this mess caused by the use of nuclear power to dictate to safety for more on these new developments out of japan i'm joined by paul gunter director of reactor oversight. of the reactor oversight project at nuclear paul welcome back to early to tom what's the latest status update well we have a situation where it's now confirmed that there are uncontrolled releases of radioactivity going into the ocean there principally or the this interim tremendous amount of water the tokyo electric power company over eleven thousand tons of
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radioactive water that's been used to wash over the melting fuel in the fuel pools in the reactors and now they simply don't have any place to put that so they have now started a process to dump this radioactive waste into the ocean and then we have another leak from the trench the concrete trench where we were less monitoring we heard the readings are over one hundred rim per hour. which is an intensely radioactive field at the surface of this new water if i could just interrupt you one hundred round one one round is a thousand. million micrograms and these are dead because these are deadly i mean is manual exposure just normal background like around one. these are these are deadly fields of radiation that are. hundred isn't five rounds like you know a lifetime exposure worker vogler worker but we have situations now around this concrete
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trench that is spewing intensely radioactive water into into the ocean as well so we've got tremendous amounts of radioactive inventory and i'm afraid that each day that this precedes it looks more and more like a just unprecedented event where we thought. to noble was different from three mile island fukushima is starting to look very much different than what trouble presented as a threat how so well right now we have clearly. the nuclear industry dumping all this radioactive waste we have the nuclear industry apologia apologists you know mainstream media what they're not telling us is how all this radioactivity being dumped is going to bio accumulate and then bio magnified back
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up through the food chain so phytoplankton worth top of food chain phytoplankton playing to small fish large fish this is this is going to have some very serious consequence for the fishing industry. given that there's no prophylaxis for those there's no magic soup that you can wear for the rest of your life or thing you can hang around your neck or you know i don't tablets or other close as we get a protect one gland over a short period simon and even then only very imperfectly. would it be reasonable and accurate to say really the only solution that first of all hundreds of thousands possibly millions of people will ultimately die as a result of this of if a million people died because of chernobyl and that number is being taken very seriously by scientists say that that's just going to happen and b. that he really only genuine way we can eliminate the dangers of radiation are to
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eliminate nuclear power plants nuclear weapons absolutely mining uranium absolutely the the only relevant protection is prevention and if you want to prevent another fukushima only with a different name maybe it's seabrook maybe it's dresden maybe it's callaway but these plants are aging these designs are flawed human error can enter into this picture at any moment it doesn't it could be a digital tsunami next time from cyber attacks or these are all the concerns that surround the inherent danger in nuclear power and it brings down the grid could could produce a sense of the same effect of the i mean. all thanks ian thanks so much kate with us tonight i appreciate it don't think just because we live far away from japan that there are nuclear crisis what effect this rain water and milk in berkeley california been found to contain radioactive iodine at more than eight hundred
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thousand percent above drinking water standards here it is ation food and water watch wrote a letter to president obama asking for clarification on the dangers of radiation here in the united states letter read the three agencies that monitor almost all of the food americans eat at. system that the u.s. food supply is safe agencies however of done very little to detail specific ways in which they are responding to the threat of radiation in food a.p.a. was supposed to release findings on radiation rainwater in the u.s. last week but has since delayed the release until this week anyone else have a feeling we're not being told the entire truth like the fact that there's no such thing as a safe level of radiation up next tonight's daily take on the big mistake the average americans duped into joining the tea party made by putting republicans in power in congress.
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you know sometimes you see a story of a siege so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything you saw you don't i'm sorry this is the. crazy alert as glenn beck meant to his match in the donald speak to bill o'reilly
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delusional fox so-called news host glenn beck said the monkey here donald trump makes him uncomfortable referring to trump's recent earth or claims beck call the reality show host who fires people for a living by showboat and dismiss trump's claims that obama could be a secret muslim right so the guy who thinks the president is a secret socialists who wants to put terrorist bill ayres in charge of presiding over a muslim caliphate in america that will see to it that all enemies of the state of thrown in jail in concentration camps back is calling out the guy who thinks the president was born in kenya and is a secret muslim but i will try i think we have a term for this.
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this week republicans will present their twenty twelve budget proposal that cuts or trillion dollars in spending over the next decade he could guess where those four trillion are coming from medicare medicaid social security that's right republican chairman of the house budget committee paul ryan takes the republicans were put in power last of ever to sell medicare off to for profit health insurance companies. they hand over social security to billionaire hedge fund managers who need more casino chips to gamble with and it's help poor people who can't afford health insurance just suck it up. but when it comes to cutting spending on the backs of oil tycoons ryan wasn't so eager to do away with tens of billions of dollars in oil subsidies to go to some of the most profitable corporations in the history of the world carried out ryan's take on this yesterday on fox news sunday. do you limit a tax breaks do you bring in new revenue by eliminating for instance tax breaks for
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oil companies and we don't have a tax problem for the total not to live in a tax breaks for big oil and gas those of the kinds of details that you'll come out later with that that we are going to come back to cut back on the services for the sick the elderly and the poor absolutely cut back on corporate welfare to big oil polluters who let's wait and see. i've been saying for a long time that if the tea party could just cut through the b.s. the millionaire multi-millionaires like dick armey and multibillionaires like the koch brothers the puppet masters are throwing at them and the average american tea party are would see that they're not all that different from progresses ak if they even look at their heritage or the beliefs that motivated the original tea partiers back in seventeen seventy three and they talked about on the show last week they realize the real enemies of america are not the public servants working in government. the real enemies of our way of life our history our the transactional
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corporations that are closing smaller businesses throwing pushing them out of business taking our jobs overseas bankrupting our government by not paying taxes and rewriting the tax code millions of loopholes and dismantling our democracy with boatloads of secret cash in our political process. but i think just maybe the average joe and jane six-pack tea party are starting to catch on. leaf and investigative reporter at think progress attended a tiny little tea party that one that was held last week here in washington d.c. and interviewed some people are what they thought about forty billion dollars of their taxpayer dollars being given to the big oil companies as corporate welfare those same subsidies that republican ryan has never problem here's what they had to say. do you think there's those. studies are your justified. do
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you think needs. to happen. they should not have and they claim that i have. these here it sounds like they are actually. so there's one thing that the tea partiers and the republicans disagree on what about the rest of the republicans budget proposal because to medicare medicaid and social security how does the tea party feel about those to look no farther than a new york times c.b.s. news poll conducted last year that asked tea partiers. are the benefits from government programs such as social security and medicare were the costs of those programs nearly two thirds sixty two percent of the tea partiers said yes these big government socialist programs are worth it tea partiers on top of that an n.b.c. news wall street journal poll found similar sentiments toward entitlement programs as the analysis read in the poll americans across all age groups and ideology said
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by and large margins said by large margins it was unacceptable to make significant cuts in entitlement programs in order to reduce the federal deficit even tea party supporters by a nearly two to one margin declared significant cuts to social security on acceptable. that's a two to one margin against all ryan's republican budget cuts in the tea party so the question has to be asked right now as the average tea partiers are waking up and realizing their organization is just pushing the agenda billionaires in the cocoa oil business that spawned when will the republicans wake up. or are they already so corrupted it will just drive their party and our nation with it over the cliff into ruin frankly i've been saying the tea party people who are calling my radio program for a long long time you guys really should be with us because we're all looking out
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for the interests of working americans and saying to my progressive colleagues and friends and listeners and viewers what not show up at the next tea party meeting hopeful sign says get us out of nafta get out of it stop the corporate welfare you know cut off the c.e.o. million dollar your paychecks things like that and what you're going to find is that a whole lot of these quote partiers are basically good working people who just showed up because they know something is fond of this country they just don't know what it is. they don't realize that the buses that they came in are being paid for the platforms are paid for everything by the code as the zen master says we'll see. and that's the big thing from our information on the stories we covered visit the website of tom foreman dot com and our team in this entire show is available for free podcast on i tunes also check out our you to. slash the big picture our slash tom hartman don't forget democracy begins with you you show us. the seat of the.
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